ICEGOLD: World's Purest Glass Design Highlights Every Drink

Created by GAIWAN

ICEGOLD: World's Purest Glass Design Highlights Every Drink
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Highly transparent minimalist glass design highlights your beverage by becoming virtually invisible.

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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Fulfillment Report, Known Issues, Service
about 1 month ago – Mon, Jul 16, 2018 at 12:22:20 PM

Dear Backers,

The fulfillment has been virtually finished, and many of you have already received their rewards. Thank you very much for your participation in the comment section.

I have read every single comment. Thank you for all the positive comments and also for the complaints that will help me to improve the product in the future.


Fulfillment Report For US and Canada

As you know from the last update, I had to change the fulfillment company, which found out that they need an FDA certificate for my product but did not have one. Because of the delay, I have taken the next fulfiller which is FDA certified and quoted me just as much as the one before. There was nothing suspicious about the fulfiller I have chosen. However, it was already too late to change one more time when I started to see the problems coming.

I was first surprised to find out that they have not done anything to organize the fulfillment in advance. Although they had absolutely all the data for their first estimation (addresses, dimensions, weights, product combinations) and my payment for the shipping cost in advance, they started optimizing the dimensions of the shipping boxes and shopping for shipping rates only after having received the goods at their warehouse. This was the cause for another delay of two weeks.

After having sent only the US part they reported that the estimation was wrong and the shipping cost will be one and a half times higher than estimated.  The worst part was their attitude as they told me that they do not profit from the shipping cost, that is why it is fine to let me pay for all the extra cost.

Their shipping cost to Canada from the US was even higher than shipping via DHL overseas directly from Germany! I was the one who then decided to stop Canada shipping and give them a chance to find a cheaper solution. Then the owner of the company started blaming others and even me who had insisted on fulfillment on time and on budget for the delay with Canada fulfillment. I gave them the last deadline and was actually ready to ship rewards from Germany to Canada. Finally, they have reported that the rewards to backers from Canada were picked up on last Wednesday.

Everyone should have the chance to learn and to improve. I am really surprised that they could stay in business for eleven years at least while providing this kind of service quality. However, I believe everyone deserves another chance. That is why I decided to not tell which company this is and take the responsibility for the delay. If you are still interested to know whom I am working with, please contact me directly.

Fulfillment For Europe And World Wide

To optimize package dimensions we played Tetris a little. In the following image you see the most frequent combinations of packages:

For example, you see on the very left a 2-pack and the second one on the left is a 4-pack. The dimensions of the packages for ICEGOLD330 and ICEGOLD330-T are the same, which allowed to significantly reduce combinations.

The European part of the fulfillment was rather smooth and straightforward. We have sent one part via DHL directly from our warehouse in Hamburg. Another part we have sent using Fulfillment By Amazon.

In total, we had 323 shipments from Germany including Europe and worldwide plus 333 from the US including Canada. Ironically, we have completed fulfillment in Germany much quicker than the fulfillment company in the US and spent a little more than expected. By the way, this is the perfect reference for negotiating with the fulfillment company in the US which tells me something is hard to accomplish or so much more expensive.

Known Issues

The Dimple On The Bottom

When the two parts of ICEGOLD330-T are joined together, we intentionally punch a hole in the outer glass to allow hot air to escape and achieve a pressure equilibrium. Double-walled glasses cannot use vacuum for insulation because outside pressure will cause the glass to immediately implode, or it will crack upon slightest hit. There are metal products on the market that use vacuum insulation. There are also vacuum insulated products that use a glass chamber inside and a metal case outside. According to the current state of the art, it is not possible to use vacuum insulation for a transparent glass product. We use regular air for thermal insulation, just like a typical house window uses two glass panes with air in-between.

Thermal Insulation

Although only one backer has complained about thermal insulation, I would like to address this topic as well. The glass that you have backed has probably the lowest ratio between inner volume and outer dimensions. The distance between the walls is as minimal as possible. That is why ICEGOLD330-T looks elegant, while other double-walled glasses tend to look bulky. As explained above, we use air for thermal insulation. One of the factors is the volume between the walls: the more air inside the walls the better the insulation. I decided to take the risk and provide you with the glass that has an elegant design while providing a usable level of thermal insulation.

The Durability Of The Logo

Machine produced glasses use a mold which creates an indented logo. We have tried to use a stamp to create a similar effect, but the result looks like one on regular glasses, which is anything but premium. So we decided to use a logo decal that will be glued to the glass in an oven at a very high temperature. However, I am very disappointed with the durability of this technology: the logo will dissolve after a number of washing cycles in a dishwasher using regular multi-tabs. Few backers have asked if they could have blank glasses without a branding. For sure, at least they will be satisfied. We will improve this technology or switch to engraving.


I am proud to announce that only three backers have reported that a glass has been broken upon delivery. All other backers have received their glasses intact, which proves that the chosen packaging serves its purpose well.

A certain number of backers reported imperfections regarding the surface quality of the glass. Most of the backers have chosen to report these issues directly in the public comments. These issues are definitely not intended and have been overlooked during quality inspections.

After we have completed the fulfillment I will invite you to take a survey where you may upload pictures of the imperfections and apply for a replacement. So, if you were so nice to me and have not complained about this publicly, you will get the chance to give your honest feedback privately. This will help me to optimize the manufacturing process and develop a better quality inspection guidelines for future production runs.

Best regards


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PURE is a different product line of GAIWAN. The strainer is not compatible with ICEGOLD. Regarding the shipping cost, this offer is optimal for backers from Europe and worldwide. We will be offering PURE550S for backers from the US and Canada with lower shipping costs soon.


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Production, Quality Inspection, Shipping Plan
4 months ago – Sat, Apr 28, 2018 at 12:54:09 AM

Dear Backers,

Thank you very much for your comments on the last update. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised by your comments. Today I have to share good news and not so good news. Let’s start with the good news.

Production and Quality Inspection

At the beginning of April, the production has been finished. Here are some pictures from the quality inspection that we did to ensure the best quality possible.

As you see in the photos, we use functional package which has performed the best in the recent years. Styrofoam with huge padding protects ICEGOLD from impact and pressure. In addition to that, ICEGOLD is made of borosilicate glass which is not just temperature shock resistant but also much more robust than other glass products against physical stress. Every glass is wrapped in paper to avoid those sticky styrofoam particles and to facilitate the unboxing.

Shipping Plan and Delays

As planned originally, we have split the goods at the factory in two parts for the US and the EU. One part is being shipped to Portland, Oregon in the USA and the other part goes to our warehouse in Hamburg Germany. All rewards will be shipped domestically or Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). That means that all backers will receive their rewards without paying any additional duties or taxes.

However, there were some unexpected challenges along the way that caused a delay for both parts. Backers from the US and Canada will receive their rewards at the beginning of June. Backers from Germany, Europe and other countries will receive their rewards at the end of June.

The fulfillment company from Florida surprised me with the message "Unfortunately, upon discussion with our freight coordinator and our own research, our warehouse is unable to house product under the guidelines of the FDA". I have found another fulfillment company which is FDA approved. This company is in Portland Oregon, which is the opposite side of the continent. We had to cancel the original sea freight and book different one to another destination. The ship will finally depart on 30th April and arrive on 29th May in the USA.

The originally planned rail freight to Germany should have taken 22 days. Because of extensive repair and modernization work in Małaszewicze, there will be a delay that might cause rail freight to take even longer than sea freight while being much more expensive. All companies use the same track through Poland and experience same delays. I was already close to publishing an update, but there was another surprise. The 20 feet container is too small for our freight. The logistics company admitted their mistake and gave me a discount for the 40 feet container, which will finally depart on 7th May. The goods will finally arrive in our warehouse on 22nd June. We will immediately start the fulfillment such that you may expect to receive your rewards at the end of June.

To save you at least one month of waiting time we have also considered shipping worldwide directly from Asia. A fulfillment company in Hong Kong quoted $24868 including $22030 shipping cost Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU). The remaining cost is for packing labor and shipping boxes. The total cost including duty and taxes and delivery from China Mainland to Hong Kong would be even higher. To put it in perspective, you have pledged $7600 shipping fee in total on Kickstarter. Domestic fulfillment in the US and Germany including sea freight excluding taxes and duties will cost roughly $12000 in total.

Finally, everything is in place and moving forward now. I apologize for the delay and hope that you understand. In June you will get a glass product of exceptional quality which is worth waiting a month or two longer.

Best regards

Production, Logistics And Numbers
4 months ago – Sun, Apr 08, 2018 at 09:32:17 PM

Dear Backers,

Thank you for your patience. The production has been completed and we are virtually finished with packaging. The glasses will come in a package that will ensure safe delivery. Based on our experience with other glass products we are confident that this package will give the best possible protection.

I am pleased to realize that ICEGOLD has been supported by backers from 39 countries all over the world:

The organization of the logistics is in process. I want to choose the very best option for you. There are several strategies we compare using actual orders from the campaign. Originally, I planned to deliver the goods to Germany and to the US and distribute from there. But this might take more time and become even more expensive. The other option would be to send directly from Asia worldwide. This could be a much faster option for the most rewards and even still within budget.

The pre-orders have been closed down. There are 34 backers who did not respond to the survey on BackerKit. All backers who have pledged on Kickstarter will receive their rewards independently of their participation in the survey.

After analyzing all the pledges and payments the numbers add up perfectly. And since some of my friends and backers asked me about the actual payout from Kickstarter and BackerKit I decided to share this data with you.

There are 24 backers who were automatically dropped by Kickstarter because of an unsuccessful payment. This is about 4% of the collected amount on Kickstarter. Insufficient funds were the reason in virtually all of these cases. One backer decided to dispute his payment on BackerKit. Unfortunately, he did not react to emails and did not ask for the refund in advance. His decision to dispute the payment of 34 € costs horrendous 18 € transaction fee.

The campaign ended on the 7th January. The payout of 29.859 € from Kickstarter arrived on 23rd January 2018. The last payout from BackerKit will arrive next week. From the officially collected amount of totally 37.527 € on Kickstarter and BackerKit the total payout is 34.539 €, which is about 8% less.

I can't wait for you to get your rewards and experience ICEGOLD. Thank you all again for the support.

Best regards

Complete Your Survey Please: Confirm Or Update The Reward You Want To Receive
7 months ago – Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 10:02:43 PM

Dear Backers,

90% of the backers have already completed the survey. Thank you very much for your responses and additional orders!

If you have not completed the survey yet, please do it as soon as possible. In case you've lost the email with the invitation, please go to, enter your email address and click on Get My Survey and then follow the link in the email.

We are organizing production and planning logistics. One part of the rewards will be shipped to Europe, another part will be shipped to North America and distributed there. We plan to lock down the surveys on the 1st of February to know the exact quantities we have to ship.

If you are moving, don't worry. You will be able to update your shipping address afterward.

Best regards



Happy New Year! + New Limited Offer
8 months ago – Wed, Jan 03, 2018 at 01:34:51 PM

Dear Backers,

Happy New Year! I wish you all the best. Be positive, feel gratitude, enjoy the moment to the fullest. Let good people, events, and things come into your life.

We have the third day of the year, and we have 3 days left. We have already started the organisation of production and logistics.

Some of you asked about a limited offer for larger bundles. So here is one for the bundle with 96 items with a huge discount.

New Limited Offer

48x ICEGOLD330 + 48x ICEGOLD330-T Catering Bundle for 499 € instead of 769 €. This is a huge discount for those who have a restaurant or a catering service. I have to limit the number of backers to 10. The double pledge is allowed and welcome.

Best regards

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